I’m a business coach and mentor, online marketing advisor and trainer, based on Hayling Island, which is on the south coast of England. However, thanks to internet technology I now work with clients from right around the world!

As the owner of my own small business for over 10 years, a lot of the work I do is as a business and marketing mentor, mainly for growing, home-based small businesses. What I love about business coaching is that, while no two clients are the same, they are all wonderfully enthusiastic about the possibilities ahead!

During my 20 year corporate career, which included working for companies such as Marconi and Toshiba (UK), I worked in finance, legal, marketing, sales, administration, business development and logistics departments. This gave me a very thorough grounding in many of the disciplines necessary for business success – regardless of the size of company.

I believe the skills and experience gained from my earlier career influence and guide the work I do today. They certainly taught me how to take complicated ideas, make them simpler to understand and easier to put into action.

Which is just as well because when I started my first business, I really struggled with the marketing and sales bit! Here’s what happened to me as a very green and naive business owner.

It was late in 1998. At the beginning of that year I’d left my corporate job and started up a private recruitment business, working from my home in Hampshire. I got a few clients quite quickly but not enough to pay all the bills.

Pretty soon it became clear that, either I had to find a way of getting more business, or I’d have to start looking through the job pages in the newspaper (this was before the internet really took off!). The thought of working for someone else again, having to commute in ever-increasing traffic queues and losing my independence was a very unpleasant wake-up call.

Now, I’m rather a stubborn soul and I don’t give up easily! So I read every book I could find on marketing and selling and I went on lots of courses. I wanted to know as much as possible about getting more business, how to do it quickly, and at low cost! After all this research I became a mini-expert on the subject and put my new found knowledge to work.

Within 6 months my recruitment business was doing well, I had a steady stream of clients and some good quality contacts. At around this time I also discovered business coaching and started offering it as an extra service (once I was accredited).

I started to get paying coaching clients and what nearly all of them wanted was for me to help them build and grow their own businesses. I found that I loved this work and decided to specialise in coaching and mentoring small business owners.

I have now coached literally hundreds of business owners, spoken in front of countless groups, held training workshops and created home study programmes which contain the steps that every small business owner needs to apply to get more business quickly.

More recently I became fascinated by all the changes in marketing and doing business via the internet . After investing in several extensive training programs and working with mentors including Ali Brown, Fabienne Fredrickson, and Robert Middleton, my business underwent another metamorphosis. I learned how to write for the web and build my own website; produce my first information products, and use the latest social media marketing tools to sell them.

And now I coach and teach other business owners to do the same.

I hope this page gives you a better sense of what I’m all about and why I’m so passionate about the business coaching work I do.